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It is the year 1806 and the dawn of a new era. Though it was once but a humble kingdom, Ishtera has become a mighty empire after the discovery of a mysterious energy source. With this power, its technological advances have skyrocketed and its military might has become unmatched. Presently, the once independent nations of Anshan and Nippur have fallen to the Empire, and they have now set their sights on Kuruk, a desert nation across the sea. While the Kurukan government caves to Ishtera demands, some citizens have banded together into small rebel movements and have begun to fight back. However, it won’t be long until the rebellion is quashed; after all, Ishtera is the mightiest nation in the world, and those that have stood up to them before have been silenced.
But there have been rumours of an impending energy crisis in the Ishteran capitol. If these whispers are to be believed, surely it won’t be long until the empire Ishtera has worked so hard to build crumbles before them…

Amidst this, we meet Alvaro Frasier, a young mercenary from Anshan. After being contacted by a mysterious employer, he, alongside fellow mercenary Elda Thene, are sent on a mission to retrieve an item from a known bandit hideout on the outskirts of Isin, a village in Kuruk. However, this is no ordinary mission: because of his involvement, Alvaro soon finds himself drawn into an intense conflict beyond anything he could have ever imagined, and is forced to face the past he thought he had left behind a long time ago…

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