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Name: Alvaro Frasier
Age: 25
Class: Mercenary
Weapon: Sword

Alvaro is a carefree young man with a strong sense of justice, and he is always willing to help out where he can. He has a weakness for women, however, and is easily distracted from his work when he sees a pretty girl. He can be a bit of a show-off sometimes, and will often resort to using his charm and cleverness to get what he wants. Despite all of this, he has a good heart and is very friendly, and he does his best to be kind to whomever he meets.

He dislikes being vulnerable and will hide his insecurities behind his cocky, heroic attitude. He makes friends easily, but he has a lot of trouble settling down somewhere when he feels someone is getting too close to seeing the real him. He blames himself when things go wrong and he has trouble accepting his faults.

Alvaro left home when he was 18 and hasn’t returned since. Instead, he wanders the world, constantly looking forward. His past remains the past: finished and forgotten.

Name: Elda Thene
Age: 23
Class: Mercenary
Weapon: Axe

Elda is cold, self-centred, and always looking for an opportunity to make a quick bit of gold. She isn’t opposed to stealing or cheating her way to wealth, either. As a mercenary, she only chases the most lucrative jobs and will usually haggle to get better pay when she can.

She is mistrustful of people and doesn’t like getting too attached to others. She sees friendships as burdens, and is more inclined to get close to a person to obtain their wealth or use their position in some way to benefit her desires.

Elda’s inability to trust in the better natures of people has left her alone in the world. She is bitter and pessimistic when it comes to love, and she avoids it however she can: even if it means hurting someone she is close to in order to escape them.

Name: Julia Kendall
Age: 19
Class: Civilian
Weapon: Knives

Cheerful, sarcastic, and naïve, Julia has led a sheltered life in the small Kurukan village of Isin. Because of her naivety, she is a little unsure when it comes to thinking for herself, and she is easily persuaded to agreeing with someone if she trusts them. However, she has a good heart and is strongly opposed to injustices of any kind.

She is passionate when it comes to things she feels strongly about, but because of this she allows her emotions to rule her when decision making. She is highly impulsive and very stubborn when it comes to getting something she wants, and because of this she has trouble compromising and she can get a bit combative when she’s frustrated.

Julia hates how helpless she is, and struggles with the fact she is forced to rely on her comrades in order to survive.

Name: Kiden Ares
Age: 25
Class: Knight
Weapon: Greatsword

Kiden is cunning, proud, and unwaveringly loyal. He is the commander of the Ishteran Army and right hand man to the Grand Matriarch, as was his father before him. His young age is the cause of a lot of criticism towards him, and many believe his position was achieved not by his own skill, but rather his lineage. Some compare him to his father as well, which Kiden finds frustrating for many reasons. Because of this, he is eager to prove himself as a capable soldier and leader, and will go to great lengths to do so.

He has a short temper and a penchant for holding grudges. He can be unnecessarily cruel and aloof, and he has difficulty sympathizing with the motivations and feelings of others. This frustrates him to no end, and can cause him to lash out; sometimes violently. He is also quick to jump to conclusions and will pass judgment on those he deems unworthy.

Kiden wishes to be admired, respected, and to stand alone as an individual, rather than be lost in the shadow of someone greater.

Name: Demi Guula
Age: 16
Class: Monk/Herbalist
Weapon: Fists/Claws

Demi is a serious girl with an understanding of responsibility and a maturity beyond her years. She is determined and brave, but also thoughtful and able to carefully consider the potential consequences of her actions. She is independent and capable, as well as fiercely loyal to her friends. She would do anything to protect the people she loves.

She is blunt at times, and can have great difficulty asking for help when she needs it. Because she has been forced to live an independent life at such a young age, she can be stubborn when challenged. To her, failure is not an option. She has trouble picking her battles and tends bite off more than she can chew, which leads to her feeling somewhat overwhelmed at times.

Demi seems to carry a little resentment in regards to her lack of a childhood, but her determination and sense of responsibility are enough to keep her going, regardless of how she feels.

Name: Wes Davinico
Age: 19
Class: Mechanic
Weapon: Hammers/Wrenches/Tools

Wes is a laid back young man who dislikes conflict of any kind. He’s a little quiet, but brilliant with machines, and prefers to live a life isolated from the rest of society. He sees other people as more of a nuisance than anything, and as invitations to conflict and stress. However, his natural curiosity has given him a bit of an adventurous streak that he hasn’t really gotten to explore yet, due to his lack of motivation.

He has trouble getting satisfaction out of life because he’s not entirely sure what it is he wants, and he generally tends to go with the flow, preferring not to make waves. This doesn’t mean he’s a coward, though: he isn’t one to run and hide, but he does do his best to avoid potential danger in the first place. He’s logical and calculates his moves carefully, so he gets a little disoriented if he’s thrown into a situation unprepared.

Wes prefers to operate in the background and wishes to avoid the brewing conflict in the world around him. Really, all he wants is a nice, easy life, and who could blame him for that?

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