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About Emmych:

Birthday: May 9, 1992

Sign: Taurus

Profession: Student and wannabe game developer (in her spare time)

Favourite Foods: Sushi and chocolate and lasagna and and and (AKA all the food)

Favourite Games: Final Fantasy (4,6, 9), Chrono Trigger, Arc Rise Fantasia, Zelda (OoT and Majora’s Mask), Castlevania: SotN, Cave Story, Metal Gear Solid 3, etc. etc. etc. xD

Likes: Boys, relaxing, shopping, sleeping, eating, drawing, OTL, um… oh yeah, and game making. xD

Dislikes: YOUR FACE. Nah just kidding; there really isn’t that much I dislike. OTL

About the blog:

This blog is a place for me to chronicle, rant about and ponder the development of my indie RPG, Origin. I also have a main blog, buuuut… I have a feeling I won’t be updating it too much. I might, though, if I find I have stories to tell. xD

I’ll also be throwing art and stuff around on here, so this may double as a sketch blog. But, really, that’s only because most of my art lately has to do with Origin, sooo… yeah. xD

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