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Let’s get some character action up in here!

December 13, 2011

Hahahaha, I realized I didn’t bother showing any characters to you yet. OTL Welllllp, allow me to rectify that!

From left to right, we have Wes, the sweetheart machines expert, Elda, the morally ambiguous and greedy mercenary, Alvaro, the flirtatious and cocky hero, Julia, the naive and ambitious heroine, Kiden, the grouchy and grudge-holding commander, and Demi, the fierce and determined young rebel.

I could go on and on about these characters, but that would a) spoil things and b) bore you to tears to hear me gush about them. xD There’s a little extra info about them up in the character’s tab, so be sure to check that out!

Anyway, just thought I’d help you get some names to faces before I start exploding art and name dropping everywhere in future updates. xD


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  1. Mmm, sexy Alvaro~

  2. jdverdugo permalink

    This looks slightly familiar, I think you might have stolen this from somewhere……..Just kidding ;D
    It’s Zer0Rebirth from, or whatever my username was. The guy that had those wierd gifs, anywho, You better upload more often(and by “you better” I mean please), leaving the other forum dead for months, depriving me of……of….-ness.

    Well good luck too ya, sounds like you’re making progress.

    • Wahahaha, thanks, and good to hear! I’d wondered where you’d gone — your .gifs and replies were always fun ;w;d

      • jdverdugo permalink

        Oh and in another post you asked about help, I’d love to help with any small tasks that you need to have done.

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